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The Bank - Hospitality Case Study

The Bank selects Octepos for better back-office management and accountability

The BankWith its stylish décor pleasant atmosphere and welcoming staff, The Bank is ‘the’ place in Wrexham for an evening drink. Since its launch last autumn, ‘The Bank Wine Bar and Bistro’ has been delighting customers with its many cocktails, large choice of fine wines and great coffee. Regularly bands and live entertainment make the evenings more special still. Also patrons don’t want to miss special offers on ‘Funtime’ Fridays or on every Saturday night, with free glasses of headline beverages and attractive prices on everything else. The bar was launched last December by Alex Jones, a resolutely friendly chap with an eye for things commercial.

Having already employed EPOS systems in previous ventures, he was confident such a hospitality IT system would be a strong asset for the new business. "As far as my experience tells me, owning an EPOS system is essential to manage a bar and keep sound administration. A friend of mine who was running an EPOS system from Octepos advised me to acquire one. As I had already used CES Software [the software used in Octepos EPOS systems] and was very impressed with it, I called upon Octepos without hesitation. Since we have been running an electronic system, we can easily update recorded data and obtain all information required for books, sales and stock management."

By December 2009, the Octepos build team provided the establishment with a bespoke integrated EPOS solution. On the day of installation, on site training took place so whole staff could be brought up to speed with the new hospitality EPOS system. "Eight staff members and I received training on how using the EPOS system. Jon, the Octepos trainer, gave an informative explanation, and made it all nice and easy to understand, so we got used to the new system very quickly."

As regards the software solution, Octepos experts integrated Accounts, Loyalty, Bookings and Table Planner modules. These made back office management easier. Alex explains that they mainly use two applications. "We take advantage of the Stock Management and Table Planner modules on a daily basis. The first one gives up to the minute information. It is a live system that simultaneously updates stock. Regarding the Table Planner, it is very useful as well. It helps front of house management and guarantees impeccable customer service. Furthermore, the module is easy to set up and user friendly. We haven’t used other applications or add extra services until now, but we are considering how best to use these in the near future."

Alex noted that the key benefits they enjoy relate to back office management. Indeed, the system delivers reports about stock levels, daily takings, sales data and many more which are very useful for him. "The main advantage brought to my business is accountability. Submitting annual reports and transparent accounts for HM Revenue & Customs is an easy task for me. With a basic cash register, I would have to create all these reports manually. Now I just click on a button and receive all the reports I need, with guarantee of accuracy."

Another advantage of Octepos as an EPOS provider is that the dedicated team builds each till from business’ products, services and pricing structures specification. That was pointed out by the owner as well. "The interface is not set up in any one particular fixed manner, so it can be adjusted to our requirements. I can also input myself the data in the way I want. In 5 minutes I am able to adapt the data of new menus or modify prices. The system is updated every week, because stock has always new items."

Before setting up, Alex chose suitable hardware that was delivered by Octepos too. He was pleasantly surprised by the strengths of the EPOS terminal and other hardware. "I am very satisfied with the equipment which is solid and handy. Indeed when staff is working behind the bar, there are inevitably a lot of splotches and drops of drink, but the equipment is built to take it in its stride, so nothing’s damaged and it’s very easy to clean," attests Alex.

“Besides building, installation and training, Octepos has still been available for further assistance. "Of course, at the beginning, I was occasionally faced with the odd problem. The Octepos team was able to fix each one very quickly. I just had to call them and they could directly assist me via remote wireless access so we could keep on running the bar smoothly. They definitely deliver great service and support," comments the owner.

Very pleased with the London based EPOS provider, Alex concludes by expressing his satisfaction, "So far, my general satisfaction has been very good. The EPOS system is reliable, it works fast and has all the features and functionality we need or even exceeds our requirements."

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