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Bookings Module

Whether it's bookings, reservations or appointments, if your business allocates date and time slots to your customers, then the Octepos Bookings module will help you serve them better.

The information you need is offered in quick-scan visual formats, making the most complex of diaries straightforward. Simple search features, allow you to view records by name, date or even comments, ensuring you’ll find current, completed, even deleted bookings.

Bookings modulesThe Bookings module integrates with the Octepos EPOS system, providing all the Property Management System (PMS) functionality you need, at a fraction of the cost. It enables seamless working across every part of your business and can be tailored for the specific needs of each booking.

When customers require rooms and dinner, you can allocate the rooms and pre-book their table straightaway. The booking information entered can then be used to generate an automatic generate a letter confirming the room and restaurant reservations, accompanied by pre-order menus, if required. During a guest’s stay, prompts for requirements like newspapers and wake-up calls can be easily set for the duty staff next day.

Bookings integrated with Octepos Loyalty allows you to create and run your own loyalty scheme, with discounts and offers that are carefully targeted to particular groups of customers. Linked with the Octepos Text services, you can promote your latest offers direct to your customers’ mobile phones.

  • Calendar-linked charge sheets break down into time slots that you can customise for your business
  • Automated colour coding for booking status: ‘expected’, ‘active’ and ‘overdue’
  • Fast and reliable search and change functions
  • Deposits and pre-payments can be taken in advance
  • Set up alerts and messages to flag up special occasions, free-of-charge appointments etc.
  • Tailor the 25 diary template options to cover specific areas of your business — e.g. accommodation, restaurant reservations, bar bookings, conferences and events...
  • Set prompt questions for particular types of bookings to capture all the information you need, up-front
  • Set up multiple forms and document templates for fast, automatic generation of confirmation, dependent on the type of reservation
  • Set reminders for services like wake-up calls and morning papers
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