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A new revenue stream, for no outlay, and with virtually no extra work; sound too good to be true? Well, with Octepos E-Top Up, earning additional income is easy. Octepos enables your tills to become a source of revenue.

  • Increase your revenue
  • Increase your footfall
  • Sell mobile top-ups and make commission on each transaction
  • Quick and easy to install and administer
  • Only one easy application form to complete
  • E-Top up and E-Voucher supported
  • Simple and fast - typical transaction takes less than 10 seconds
  • No need for stock handling
  • Receive commission, twice weekly, direct into your account
  • Integrated with the till transaction - reduces chance of error or fraud

Customers want to top up their mobile airtime, wherever they are, with immediate effect. So why not offer them the security and convenience of electronic top-up (E-Top up) or E Voucher? Offering everyday services like E-Top up and E-Voucher increases your footfall. Wherever pre-pay mobile users see the green top-up logo, they know they can buy mobile top-up.

Each time a customer tops up their airtime, you earn commission on the transaction. There is only one, easy to complete form, and no need for invoices or additional paperwork. The money collected is deducted twice-weekly, direct from your business bank account, leaving you with your commission.

There are two ways customers can top up their mobile phones using Octepos E-Top Up:

E-Top up

E-Top up is a swipe card already registered to the customer’s phone. The customer tells you how much credit they wish to buy; you swipe their card, enter the required value in your till, then print out a receipt. The mobile operator immediately tops up the customer’s phone with the additional minutes.


E-Voucher is an electronically produced mobile phone voucher. You simply select the customer’s mobile network provider from the E-Top Up menu, and choose the requested top-up amount from your till. This time, a unique reference code is printed out on the receipt. The customer activates their airtime by entering this code into their phone.

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