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Multiple Site Management

MSM and Web Reporting ScreenOctepos Multiple Site Suite is a combination of tools that enables head office to monitor, report-on, and analyse all sales activity, loyalty scheme and stock level changes at each and every site within your business. Crucial aspects of the operation are controlled centrally while all data updates are facilitated throughout the estate within minutes using dedicated broadband connections.
  • Simultaneously monitor all sales, stock, customer and EPOS operations across multiple sites from head office
  • Run your customer loyalty scheme across all branches within the business
  • Co-ordinate product, price or functionality changes to be pushed to all tills at a predetermined time and/or date
  • Configure your Octepos software at head office, then replicate this set-up to all other tills within your business

Octepos MSM uploads sales details from every location in your estate to head office:

  • Obtain a high level overview of your business
  • Undertake a branch-by-branch breakdown analysing individual transactions
  • Report on historic performance, allowing for easy analysis of business trends

Products, prices, promotions and till designs can be configured in head office, and then these changes can be pushed immediately, or at a pre-scheduled future date and/or time to all branches. Alternatively head office can enforce a common structure across the entire estate to ensure consistency. Individual stores can be left to manage their entire till configuration, or be authorised only to add local products and promotions to the ‘core’ setup.

Octepos MSM is flexible – manage your business the way you want:

  • Do you want to control operators from Head Office and allow staff to roam between locations, or leave operator management to the store manager?
  • Do you want stores to manage their own stock orders locally, or do you want to place orders from head office, with the orders available on the branch systems for goods-in processing?
  • Do you want to control your products and pricing centrally, allow store managers to add local products and promotions to a centrally managed core offer, or let each store manage its own products and prices?
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