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Technical Support
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System Installation

We work with you though all aspects of the installation, from designing and project managing your software build through to training your staff and providing ongoing maintenance and support.

Once you have signed the sale agreement, a member of our staff will come and do a site survey. This involves going though all aspects of the installation, from identifying where the EPOS terminals and other hardware will be located, to ensuring there is sufficient cabling and power outlets to undertake the installation successfully.

Each till is then individually built in-house by our dedicated team, and is based on your products, services and pricing structures specification. Once complete, you are welcome to come into our offices to see, test and make changes to your build in advance of it going live into your site.

Once the build testing is complete, the hardware is repackaged and sent to your site and installed by one of our service team. On site training and support also takes place on this day so staff can be brought up to speed with the new software immediately.

When is the right time to think about EPOS installation?

workman imageIf you are working to a deadline for a launch or refurbishment, it's easy to leave it too late to buy your EPOS system, at the same as it's easy to buy them months in advance when you have no storage space and they're liable to get damaged whilst the building work goes ahead.

For a project based installation like this, Octepos recommend being installed and ready to go seven to ten days before your opening date. If you don't already have structured cabling in place, it's a good idea to get your electrician or data cabler to lay the wires in advance - it's always better to have wires concealed as opposed to having to use conduit and tacks to secure cabling. We'd be happy to discuss cabling requirements dependent on your exact needs.

If you are looking to lease hardware, we can get a lease agreed in principal up to sixty days before the equipment is required, meaning that this is one less hurdle you need to rush to overcome.

We know that your tills are just one of a thousand things you need in place before the doors opened, and we try to be as flexible as possible. Our engineers take total ownership of the EPOS solution and will liaise between your project manager and all our team to ensure that our part of the jigsaw is in place. We will make sure we have as much of your data as possible loaded on to the system.

We will soak test your tills with your configuration file loaded for as long as possible using non technical users. Finally, we will re-package your EPOS systems in their original box, marking everything up as it's been configured to bring to site on your chosen install day.

Finding Space for your tills

Epos system installations and support for your businessThe first question to ask when looking at a new EPOS system would usually be the simplest to answer, but the most often over-looked. Where is the system going to go, and what's it going to look like. Octepos can obtain many different tills of different sizes and specifications to ensure you find one that matches your needs - mixing and matching if necessary to ensure your establishment does not look out of sorts.

We can also discuss the advantages of both embedding the systems in to your counter-tops, or having them free-standing depending on your needs. If additional work is required, we are able to work with a selection of carpenters, electricians and data cablers who all have experience in the trade, understanding the essential cleanliness, discretion and reliability that is required.

Data Configuration

Before your systems are delivered to site, our engineer will request a copy of your price and stock list in order to key your products in to the EPOS system's database. This is usually a manual process and can take our team up to a couple of days to complete. This will be dependent on the range of products that you sell.

Linking your EPOS Tills

Once you have decided which solution is going to suit your needs, the next step is usually to discuss and arrange how the EPOS units are going to communicate with each other.

Hardware Installation

Octepos provides integrated Epos Solutions for your businessThe next stage is to install your hardware in your venue. We will book a slot to install the systems that is most convenient to you and dependent on the systems and the software solution you have chosen, this can take up to two days to complete. The installation will include setting up the systems, cash drawers, printers and back office, then configuring your system's system and user defaults. Features that you do not intend to use can be turned off at this point on some solutions.


Epos Training for Octepos Epos SolutionsOnce your systems are installed in the venue, we would ask you have as many of your staff available as possible to attend a training session on how to use the systems. This will show the basics of the software, such as keying orders, how to respond to messages on the screen, and how to find products in a hurry. Supervisors and Managers, along with any personnel that you feel you intend to use as an in house trainer will be shown more detail on using the advanced features. This training can be repeated at any time in the event that you suffer staffing issues.


Broadband imageWe recommend all our clients have a broadband connection, which can be supplied if required by our partners at a competitive rate. The broadband forms part of your network of tills and allows our support engineers to "dial in" to your EPOS systems to resolve issues, along with allowing you to carry out remote backup of your data, and also pass information to a central office.

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